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Wallpaper, decorative wallcoverings, and amenities are made from long sheets that have been printed, embossed, or printed with abstract or narrative designs. Rich wallpaper pattern, a sense of wall pattern, more decorative wallpaper, choose the appropriate wallpaper according to your preferences and tastes, and create a more voluminous bedroom.

  • Highlights:

    Long-lasting durability
    Visual appeal

  • Features:

    Wallpaper can be wiped or washed.
    Wallpaper is durable and can last more than 15 years, which makes it cost-effective.
    Correctly glued wallpaper will last three times longer than paint.
    Paint comes in a variety of colors, but there is a limited selection of finishes, whether matte or glossy. Backgrounds come in many different designs with a variety of textures and effects. Beads, flock, metallic, engraving, and other materials.

  • Benefits and Advantages:

    Paint often needs a touch-up or repainting every two to five years depending on children, pets, and movement. Using room wallpaper instead of paint can provide 10 to 15 years of durability.
    Although the initial cost of wallpaper is higher compared to paint, its durability will save you money over time.
    Wallpaper provides a level of creativity that you won't find with paint unless you hire someone to paint the graphics on the wall (higher cost) Using wallpaper to decorate rooms has also come a long way. If you find a pattern you like but don't want to wallpaper the entire wall, consider placing it in a picture frame for a new photo of the artwork.
    Textured wallpaper can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, brooms, rags, or even wallpaper paste.

  • Applications:

    Wallpaper adds character to a room, allowing it to be used as an accent on just one wall to match paint colors or to cover an entire room. Many wallpapers today come with free patterns and monochrome graphics for partners. This allows the wallpaper room design to have a more individual look.

  • Brands:

    Marshalls Wallcoverings,
    Nilaya by Asian Paints

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