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Carpets are used for a variety of purposes, including isolating a person's feet from cold tiles or concrete floors, creating a more comfortable seating area on the floor, reducing walking noise, and adding decoration or color to a room. The beauty, quality, value, and sustainability of the rug make it the right choice for your home.

  • Highlights:

    Clearing the Air
    Environmental Benefits
    Adds Beauty and Style
    Low Price

  • Features:

    Improves indoor air quality
    Provides warmth and comfort
    Reduce noise
    Reduce slips and falls

  • Benefits and Advantages:

    The rug improves the indoor climate by trapping dust particles in the air. The mat captures particles and holds them in the fibers until the next cleaning. Therefore, dust allergy should not be an obstacle to choosing a carpet.
    The rug is a sound-absorbing floor. On the stairs, in the living room, or the office. The mat does not reflect sounds but rather absorbs them and reduces the noise level.
    Carpet is a textile floor that gives you a feeling of comfort and luxury.

  • Applications:

    With thousands of carpet styles and colors, your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to customize your living space. Rugs can be a neutral base, or they can be the center of attention with vibrant colors and stronger, bold patterns and textures.
    The rug provides actual thermal insulation and resistance, or an R-value. In cooler climates or seasons, it retains warm air for longer, helping to save energy. Rugs also provide a comfortable place to sit, play or work, and give the room a sense of warmth.
    The mat is perfect for smoothing our stairs, reducing slips and falls, and minimizing injuries from falls.
    Big-screen TVs, speakers, computers and sound systems make our homes noisy. The rug helps absorb these sounds.

  • Brands:

    Obeetee Rugs
    Kaleen India
    The Rug Republic
    Insigne Carpets

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